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The Skin Care Service Provider You Can Rely On

With our philosophy to “restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate the skin,” The Lord & Whisper Skin Care Spa provides facial and body treatments that focus on skin care.

About Our Founder

Kasey Ennis is a native Brooklyn, New Yorker. When she was nine, she experienced having acne. She also had blotchy, excessively oily skin with uneven skin tone.

During her teenage to early adult years, she struggled to find the secret to a great-looking skin. After many visits to a dermatologist, she decided to consult with an esthetician. The success of her treatment with the esthetician made her realize her true mission in life.

In 1997, Kasey attended the Christine Valmy International School in New York, NY. She pursued her modeling career and worked full-time at a hospital in Manhattan, NY—never thinking of starting her own business.


It was when the job where she was good at and she loved most started to slip through her fingers. “I dropped my head on my desk and said, ‘Okay, Lord. I hear you.’” She then resigned from her job three weeks later.

In November 2006, the Lord & Whisper Skin Care Spa opened. Kasey wanted to bring excellent skin care services in Brooklyn, NY. She felt how exhausting it was to leave Manhattan, NY after a nice, relaxing skin care treatment to travel back to Brooklyn. Wanting “Brooklynites” to not have to cross the bridge for great skin care services, she established our company and “kept it right here.”

Lord & Whisper Skin Care Spa has adopted the use of homeopathic products and natural scrubs for the body. We use Christine Valmy, Aveda, and Clarins products at the spa. For our brown sugar scrub, we add whipped soy body butter, and our signature scent "Whisper," to leave you looking and feeling sexy, silky, and smooth.